Our Project Policy


The following explains our general work policy, but any special agreements made with an individual client will override the policies stated here.


Our rates will be decided on a per project basis. The client may be asked to complete a questionnaire in order to help us understand their needs better. Once enough information is gathered, we will present the client with an initial quote. This quote may be subject to change as the project continues. Any changes to the initial quote will be negotiated with the client.

Fee Schedule

Unless otherwise stated, we ask that the client pay a deposit of 50% or USD 100 (whichever is greater) before the project commences. This deposit is non-refundable. 

The balance will be paid on project completion or on a date otherwise agreed to by the client. The final payment must be made before the project is transferred/released to the client.

Payment Methods

At the time of payment, the client will receive an email invoice. Our preferred payment methods are either Wise or Paypal, but other payment methods may be agreed upon.


Initial deposits are non-refundable. Refunds on other payments will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Proofing and Support

Once a project is completed, we offer 21 days of support/modifications within the scope of the original project. The 21 day period will begin as soon as the final payment has been made or after the copyright has been transferred (whichever takes place last). Anything outside the scope of the original project or after the 21 day period has ended will be negotiated as a separate project, and standard rates may apply.

Copyright and IP Transfer

We retain the copyright to all project work until the final payment has been made after which, the client will be asked to sign an Intellectual Property Transfer Agreement, and the copyright will be transferred to the client. If the project is terminated before completion, we will retain the copyright to all project work.

We and our subcontractors retain the right to display elements of the project as samples of our work in our respective portfolios. However, the client may request that a particular project, either in part or in whole, is not displayed elsewhere.

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